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It's time to get off the tools

We have been noticing a trend lately of "tradies" who are on the tools all day and as they clock up the hours each week they forget to look at the day to day workings of their business

One Umbrella has been carefully designed as a one stop shop for all business solutions and business planning

  1. Business Management Systems:

    • Accounting and Invoicing: Implementing robust accounting and invoicing systems helps tradies keep track of their financial transactions, expenses, and income. This ensures accurate record-keeping and helps in tax compliance.

    • Project Management: One Umbrella can offer project management tools to streamline job scheduling, progress tracking, and task assignment, helping tradies manage their projects efficiently.

  2. Communication and Collaboration:

    • Messaging Platforms: Providing tradies with communication tools allows them to stay connected with their team members, clients, and suppliers. This fosters better collaboration and ensures everyone is on the same page.

    • Document Sharing: A centralised platform for sharing documents, contracts, and project plans can improve efficiency and reduce the risk of miscommunication.

  3. Scheduling and Time Management:

    • Calendar Integration: Integrating a calendar system can help tradies schedule appointments, track deadlines, and manage their time effectively.

    • Task Reminders: Automated reminders for upcoming tasks and deadlines can assist tradies in staying organized and meeting project milestones.

  4. Client Relationship Management (CRM):

    • Client Database: One Umbrella can provide a CRM system to manage client information, track communications, and nurture client relationships. This ensures that tradies can provide excellent customer service and generate repeat business.

  5. Training and Support:

    • User Training: Offering training sessions or resources to tradies on how to use the One Umbrella platform effectively ensures they can make the most out of the provided tools and systems.

    • Customer Support: Having a responsive customer support system in place can address any issues or questions tradies may have while using the One Umbrella platform.

  6. Analytics and Reporting:

    • Performance Metrics: One Umbrella can offer analytics tools to help tradies track key performance indicators (KPIs) and make data-driven decisions for the growth of their business.

  7. Compliance and Regulation:

    • Regulatory Updates: One Umbrella can provide timely updates on industry regulations and compliance requirements, helping tradies stay informed and avoid legal issues.

By incorporating these elements, One Umbrella can empower tradies to focus on their core work while ensuring that the day-to-day operations and business management aspects are streamlined and efficient.