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Financial Planning.

What help do you need in your business to increase your
revenue and add more profit?


Sole trader, Company, Partnership, Trust, Joint venture, Co-operative?

We can help you decide on the right structure when setting up your company.

At One Umbrella we work alongside some amazing Financial Economists and Accountants that can advise and support you in all financial aspects of your business.

As well as setting up your business structure we also provide assistance with 

  • Funding and Capital - how to access business loans, grants, and tax incentives, crowd-sourced funding + more

  • Record Keeping - It is important that you keep up-to-date and accurate records that help you meet your tax and employer obligations

  • Financial Forecasting allows business owners to predict a company's financial future by examining revenue, cash flow, expenses or sales

  • Business Valuation incorporates the valuation of your business, securities and intangible assets that are required for a multitude of reason

  • Business reporting improves business performance and helps make informed decisions.  

  • Risk Management - we help with your business Risk Management by helping you understand Debt Management, bank financing, interest rates, term loans, drawings, withdrawals, repayments and refinancing.

The right financial advice can help you figure out if your concept will pay the bills while making a profit.

What else we can do for you?

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What our client's are saying.

The level of engagement we got is amazing and that has also pushed up the site traffic and normal applications went through the roof!  Thanks Lynne, really appreciate it, even if my staff don’t like you very much at the moment. 


You are such a cheerleader and so wonderful about helping people feel so good about themselves. Your thoughts about where to next for me are things I hadn't considered, and they challenge me - a good thing!


Thanks for the prompt reply! Always appreciate having you at the end of my emails.

White Heron Motor Lodge

Thank you, you have done a much better job than I could have.

Pam and John