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You don’t get
rainbows without
a little rain.

We work to weather the storm with you.


I’m Lynne, the co-founder of One Umbrella.

With over 15 years of experience working with amazing businesses throughout NZ, it became evident to me that every task needs a team around it to tick all the boxes and ensure a project runs smoothly. 

For instance; a website needs content writing, design, hosting, and a solid computer to run it on. A new project needs financial forecasting, a brand strategy, and a sales plan. 

Through experience and observation One Umbrella was born - a one stop business solution created with a collaboration of our in-house expertise and experienced network. Our service allows you to focus on your business plans and drive your business forward.

Many business owners worry that they won't be able to handle the pressure.

In setting up One Umbrella we have provided the tools and network for you to set realistic goals for yourself and your business. 

The five fears of running a business

Fear of Failure. This fear can stem from a variety of sources, including a lack of confidence in one’s abilities, a fear of rejection, or a fear of not being able to meet the expectations of others. The key to overcoming this fear is to focus on the potential rewards of starting a business rather than the risks. 

Fear of Financial Insecurity  Starting a business can be expensive, and it’s natural to worry about not being able to generate enough revenue to support yourself. To overcome this fear, it’s important to have a solid financial plan in place. 

Fear of Lack of Knowledge Businesses are best built through trial and error, through hands-on application. More often than not, you learn as you grow; as you experiment, take calculated risks, and find out what works best for the venture you’re trying to build

Fear of Stress and Responsibility To overcome this fear, it’s important to prioritize self-care and to set realistic goals for yourself and the business

Fear of Not Having a Great Idea Let your business ideas flow, test them out, and learn from the experience. Ultimately, you’ll be able to discover a business idea that is also your passion, and then the odds of success increase much more after previous experiences

Join us under our umbrella.

We're getting ready to dance in the rain.

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