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Business Planning.

You have the business idea - now get it out of your mind and on paper.


A business plan is the vehicle to steer your business to success. 

Our team offers tailored business consulting (or Road Mapping as we like to call it), and advisory services through flexible consultation to help navigate your business in the right direction.

At One Umbrella we have written hundreds of business plans, tenders, grants, proposals, and pitches for small and medium businesses. We love hearing the vision of new start-up businesses but are equally excited to hear about future plans of existing companies.

Our team has contacts with banks, investors, so we know what works. Our business plans are accurate, insightful, and tailored to your business.

Thousands of small and medium businesses create business plans every year, to help them start and grow. Sometimes a small business needs a business plan to map out its direction, prepare for the future and gear up for growth and success. Other times, they have been asked for a business plan for a bank loan, for an investor, finance application, grant or other application.

Many businesses write their own business plans. We see some of these plans and whilst they generally contain good content, they lack perspective and professionalism. In fact, it’s rare to see such a plan that is up to standard. For applications professionalism and format count.

Our team are all business owners themselves, so they know what it’s like to live small business - day in, day out.


Business planning is not 'just another service' that is added on to accounting, advisory or consulting, it is what we do.

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What our client's are saying.

The level of engagement we got is amazing and that has also pushed up the site traffic and normal applications went through the roof!  Thanks Lynne, really appreciate it, even if my staff don’t like you very much at the moment. 


You are such a cheerleader and so wonderful about helping people feel so good about themselves. Your thoughts about where to next for me are things I hadn't considered, and they challenge me - a good thing!


Thanks for the prompt reply! Always appreciate having you at the end of my emails.

White Heron Motor Lodge

Thank you, you have done a much better job than I could have.

Pam and John