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Setting up a new business

It doesn't matter if you have set up a new company previously - we totally understand that setting up your new business takes careful planning and can be time-consuming.   There are many steps to the setup process that require some thought and planning.

This was highlighted recently when we set up our new business One Umbrella.  Our sister company Grow Orange has been running for 12 years and although the business plan has changed a few times, the basic setup was done properly at the start.  Key things that we did correctly

  • Set up a company name and secured domain names

  • Created a roadmap plan, and did my market research

  • Set up Financial accounting practices, and a solid price structure  (this has altered over the years and is reviewed every 6 months)

  • Found a great network and team to support my business

  • Identified my target markets and formulated marketing and branding to meet those needs

  • Managed my day-to-day operations - ensuring that emails were answered quickly and effectively and proposals were sent out on time

    Have I made mistakes - HELL YES!!!!  I have made plenty but one thing that I have always done well is having the ability to adapt and evolve.  I thrive on seeking innovation and keep working for continuous improvement.

Remember that starting a business is a dynamic process, and there will be challenges along the way. Surround yourself with mentors and advisors, and be prepared to learn from both successes and failures. It's also crucial to have a clear vision for your business and the determination to see it through.

For all of your business requirements, the team at One Umbrella is here to help you... book your discovery call today!