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Guest Wi-Fi for accommodation

 I was reading an article today and was surprised that good WiFi is still being discussed.  Wi-Fi in the accommodation sector should be as important as a great bed and a great shower.  With many options now to ensure that Wi-Fi can be received in the most remote corner of accommodation complexes, and multiple IT technicians around the country that can provide top-notch solutions, in our opinion this should be a no-brainer.    The first thing that I do when checking into my room is set up my laptop and catch up on some work.   I upload the photos of the day and then set up a few video calls.  If my Wi-Fi isn't able to allow me to run my business on the road then I am frustrated and it lets my clients down!  

Think about all the things that we do online when staying away from home

  • Video Calls

  • Watch Netflix and other streaming channels

  • Download Photos and post to Social Media

  • Answer Emails and send out proposals

  • Ordering in Uber Eats 

  • Checking the weather forecast and booking in local activities

  • Browse restaurant menus

  • + more

and that is in the first 10 minutes of arriving.

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Do you need to discuss your Wi-FI solutions, and create a plan for you and your business?