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PR in Business

Claire works alongside One Umbrella and provides amazing PR. We chatted about PR, and how it fits into every business. The simple answer is THE STORY - what is your business story? and how you tell that story, to existing and potential clients.  While many business owners have common elements with their competitors, there are various reasons why each business is different, and 9/10 times it is the story that is being told.   This could be the language used - casual, formal, quirky...

March 3, 2024

Writing a business plan

I've been doing some thinking about our business strategy lately, and I couldn't help but get excited about the idea of creating a roadmap for our future endeavors. 🚀You know, it's like planning a road trip. We wouldn't set off on an adventure without a map, right? Well, the same goes for our business journey. Having a roadmap – a clear, thought-out plan – can make all the difference in reaching our destination with minimal detours.Here are a few reasons why I'm buzzing about the idea:Gui...

January 25, 2024

Guest Wi-Fi for accommodation

 I was reading an article today and was surprised that good WiFi is still being discussed.  Wi-Fi in the accommodation sector should be as important as a great bed and a great shower.  With many options now to ensure that Wi-Fi can be received in the most remote corner of accommodation complexes, and multiple IT technicians around the country that can provide top-notch solutions, in our opinion this should be a no-brainer.    The first thing that I do when checking into ...

January 25, 2024

Setting up a new business

It doesn't matter if you have set up a new company previously - we totally understand that setting up your new business takes careful planning and can be time-consuming.   There are many steps to the setup process that require some thought and planning.This was highlighted recently when we set up our new business One Umbrella.  Our sister company Grow Orange has been running for 12 years and although the business plan has changed a few times, the basic setup was done properly...

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